Safran Power USA, LLC

Peerless stocks the full line of Safran Power USA, LLC (formerly Eaton Aerospace) products inclusive of aerospace switches, switch guards, relays, mil aero circuit breakers, remote control circuit breakers and contactors.  This includes the entire military spec toggle switch line and a large selection of rugged military aerospace relays and contactors, which are engineered to survive harsh environments.  

Safran provides high quality switching solutions for the avionics, aerospace, military, and heavy equipment industries.

- For a complete Safran Power USA, LLC aerospace relay catalog, please click here.

- For a complete Safran Power USA, LLC performance rated aerospace switch and switch guard catalog, please click here.

- For a complete Safran Power USA, LLC circuit breaker catalog, please click here.

Please check out our large switch and contactor inventory below, which includes performance rated full size and miniature positive action toggle switches and toggle switch guards and well as relays, aircraft circuit breakers and aircraft contactors.

Peerless has been an authorized stocking distributor for this product line since the 1970’s.  

 To learn more about Safran Electrical & Power, a global leader in aeronautical power and electrical systems, Please enjoy this brief video.

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