About Us

Peerless Electronics Inc. is a full-service, authorized stocking distributor for many leading manufacturers and suppliers within the military, aerospace, industrial, transportation and medical sectors.

Our History

Peerless Electronics

Our roots in the electronic distribution industry run deep. In fact Peerless, founded in 1945, was at the forefront of the emerging industry at the conclusion of WWII.

The world has changed dramatically since our formation. It’s reasonable to say that no area has seen more change in that period than the electronics industry, and it is equally reasonable to believe that the electronics industry will continue to be a leader in effecting change in the future.

While Peerless has steadily evolved along with both the industry and the times, and will continue to do so, one thing has remained constant: That is our pledge to bring the highest quality possible into every aspect of our organization in order to deliver total customer satisfaction in the form of a superior experience with each and every order.

Meet the Team

Peerless Electronics

Employee-Owned Concept

As an employee-owned company, Peerless Electronics empowers our teams to be a part of   decision-making and share in our financial success. This aligns employee and company interests, promotes responsibility, and creates an inclusive workplace. The benefits of this structure also include improved recruitment and retention, increased motivation and productivity, and allows us to be a company where employees and their families have a vested interest in customer success.