Peerless Electronics / Radio Distributors History Timeline

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January 1945

Peerless Radio Distributors opens for business with a couple of employees in a 1500 square foot facility in Jamaica, Queens NY.

Initially offering over the counter service for the consumer radio and television industries.


Peerless expands in the same location to 8000 square feet and began serving other industries, most notably aerospace as nearby Idlewild Airport had a need for aircraft parts thus paving the way for some of the earliest key supplier authorizations that to this day are still part of the Peerless offering.


Peerless moves to a new 25,000 square foot facility in Lynbrook NY and continues to grow its business across various market sectors with additional key supplier authorizations.


Peerless closes out this tumultuous decade with a still growing business and supplying components to many varied customers and applications including the historic lunar module that brought humanity to the surface of the moon. 

70’s & 80’s

Saw Peerless expand with key facility added in Florida with additional facilities opened along the east coast while adding qualified field sales professionals covering the USA and overseas to call on customers.


Peerless moves forward with the latest in technology with a custom, state of the art computer system carrying us into the future.


Peerless Radio becomes Peerless Electronics.


The progression continues as our business grows, Peerless moves its corporate offices and warehouse to a new and modern facility in Bethpage, Long Island NY.


Peerless becomes one of the first distributors to achieve AS9100 quality system certification and remains on the cutting edge of quality initiatives and industry mandates today.


Peerless online / web store becomes a reality further expanding our footprint in the digital universe.

Peerless distinguishes itself yet again becoming a 100% employee owned company.


Peerless becomes a member of the ECIA (Electronic Components Industry Association). Key attributes being authorized supply chain advocacy and industry data analytics to have a better understanding of our industry.

Peerless undergoes a transformation of branding and messaging including a revised and renewed online presence and web store platform signaling yet another chapter in our forward progression.


Peerless becomes a member of the ERA (Electronic Representative Association). A platform for education and networking within the electronics industry for distributors, suppliers and manufacturer representatives.

Peerless brings renewed focus to the “Industrial” initiative with additional supplier authorizations and hiring of additional field application engineers with expertise in this market sector which is identified as the market with the most growth potential for the foreseeable future. 

Peerless implements an all new ERP / CRM system.


Peerless evolution continues as corporate offices and warehouse moves to a new and modern facility in Hauppauge, Long Island NY.
This environmentally conscious facility and supporting systems presents the latest in warehousing technology.


Peerless Electronics Industrial Division opens.

Over the past three quarters of a century, the Peerless milestones are many.

From humble beginnings in a small storefront to the present day as an employee owned, manufacturer authorized electronics distributor delivering products throughout the world.

Peerless has always positioned itself to meet any challenge over the years and while we’re a well-established and respected source for top tier suppliers, our growth is dependent upon knowing and understanding where our business is going – having the insight to shift business directives to align with industry trends to stay relevant and strong.

With this vision - “Peerless Industrial” division has come to be.

The products and technologies required for your “Industrial” applications are all right here – we’re the same Peerless - quality and customer service paramount in our quest to serve you – our customers.

Throughout Peerless’ history we’ve never been a company to rely on its past success to carry us into the future. 
We have shipped literally millions of electronic components to virtually every continent with satisfied customers in dozens of countries. 

We are always looking for ways to stay relevant while challenging ourselves to be at the forefront of the “best in class” that our industry has to offer.
With 3 generations of ownership to the present employee owned company we are today….it has been and always will be our pleasure to serve your needs.

The Company We Keep Defines Us.