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- Honeywell began in 1885. Over the course of 137+ years, thousands of people have helped achieve the core mission and values which consist of a secure, cleaner more efficient future, innovation as well as nonstop improvement. 

- Honeywell creates solutions for all sorts of industries whether it is home and building, aviation, defense and space, oil and gas, industrial and more. 

- Peerless has been an authorized distributor for Honeywell since the 1950's. We stock the full line of Honeywell toggle switches, limit and basic "micro" switches, snap action, rocker switches, pressure, proximity and humidity sensors, hour meters, and more. Peerless also stocks a complete selection of military and aircraft switches. No distributor has a wider, more diverse Honeywell switch and sensor inventory than Peerless! Don't see what you are looking for? We can get it for you! Using another brand of switches? Let us cross them for you!

Honeywell is now Honeywell Advanced Sensing Technologies - "Honeywell AST"

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