Industrial Electronics

Industrial Electronics

Welcome to Peerless Electronics’ Industrial Division.

Over the past three quarters of a century, the Peerless milestones are many .…

From humble beginnings in a small storefront to the present day as an employee owned, manufacturer authorized electronics distributor delivering products throughout the world.

Peerless has always positioned itself to meet any challenge over the years and while we’re a well-established and respected source for top tier suppliers, our growth is dependent upon knowing and understanding where our business is going – having the insight to shift business directives to align with industry trends to stay relevant and strong.

With this vision - “Peerless Industrial” division has come to be.

The products and technologies required for your “Industrial” applications are all right here – we’re the same Peerless - quality and customer service paramount in our quest to serve you – our customers.

Industrial Relays

Peerless Electronics is authorized to distribute a vast selection of industrial relays. We understand the importance of having high-quality parts for your industrial applications as well as having exemplary suppliers to choose from, such as:

Kissling, ETA, Deltrol Controls, Safran Power USA, Picker, TE Connectivity, Crydom, American Zettler, and Altech are some of the key suppliers of our industrial relays.

Whether you need plug-in magnetic latching relays, SSR relays, safety controller/relay hybrids, or SPDT open-style power relays, we have it all for you. Shop our Industrial Relay selection now.

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Industrial Switches

Peerless Electronics has a huge selection of carrier-grade industrial switches engineered to withstand even the harshest environments. We understand that reliable switches are critical to controlling the operation of industrial applications across various industries. We carry a wide variety of industrial switches from these trusted suppliers:

Altech, SUNS International, Cole Hersee, Eaton, Honeywell, Kissling, OTTO Controls, Pollak, Safran Power USA, TE Connectivity, and more.

Whether you are looking for Toggle Switches, Push Button Switches, Snap Action Switches, or Subminiature Basic Switches - to name a few - we have what you need for your industrial application in stock and ready to ship - including switch hardware, boots, and guards! Shop our extensive Industrial Switch selection today.

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Industrial Power Distribution Blocks

When you need to reliably distribute power from a single input source to multiple outputs, a high-quality Industrial Power Distribution Block is critical to the success of your project. Peerless Electronics has an extensive selection of Industrial Power Distribution Blocks, including DIN Rail Power Distribution Blocks, Terminal Boards, Busbar Systems, and more.

Our supplying partners are among the most respected in the industry, including Altech, Eaton Bussmann, Marathon Special Products, TE Connectivity/Entrelec, and more.

If you are looking for the safest, most reliable solution to distribute power across various applications, shop our extensive Industrial Power Distribution Blocks section now.

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Industrial Fuses

We understand how critical Industrial fuses are to providing overload and short circuit protection to electrical and mechanical systems, which is why we carry top-rated Industrial Fuses and Fuse Holders from trusted industry supplier, Eaton Bussmann.

At Peerless Electronics, you’ll find a large selection of industrial fuses to meet your application needs, including Pin Base Fuses, Glass Tube Fuses, Ceramic Body Axial Leaded Subminiature Fuses, and Current Limiting Fuses.

When system protection is critical to avoiding damage and accidents, trust Peerless Electronics to keep you stocked and protected. Not seeing what you need on our website? Contact us for help from one of our Industrial Fuse experts.

Industrial Terminal Blocks

When industrial components need safe, reliable wire connectivity, Peerless Electronics has the Industrial Terminal Blocks essential for quick and seamless wiring. We carry a wide variety of panel-enhancing Industrial Terminal Blocks from top industry suppliers, such as:

Altech, Eaton Bussmann, Marathon Special Products, SUNS International, and TE Connectivity/Entrelec

Our high-performance selection, including Barrier Strips, Power Distribution Blocks, Terminal Block & Strip Accessories, and DIN Rail Terminal Blocks, will keep the current flow between incoming and outgoing sources dependable and safe.

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Industrial Power Supply DIN-Rail

When industrial applications call for a reliable and efficient power supply with a compact design, turn to Peerless Electronics for industry-preferred Industrial Power Supply DIN-Rail solutions.

Whether you are looking for Slim Line, Single Phase Low Profile, Industrial Metal Case Single Phase, or 3 Phase, we have what you need from industry-leading suppliers like Altech, P-Duke, Mega Electronics, and ETA. Shop our stock of top-rated, highly efficient Industrial Power Supply DIN-Rail today!

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Industrial Power Supplies

Industrial Power Supplies change the voltage to match the requirements of the powered device and are critical to avoiding overload and malfunction. Whether you need to change voltage up or down or convert power to a direct current, Peerless Electronics has high-quality Industrial Power Supplies in stock and ready to ship.

From AC/DC Power Supplies, DC-DC Converters, DIN Rail Type, to Enclosed / Encapsulated Type, we carry a large selection of configurations from respected carriers, including:

P-Duke Technology, Altech, ETA, and Mega Electronics

Shop our superior range of Industrial Power Supplies now. Don’t see the component or system you need on our website? Contact us for help from one of our Industrial Power Supply experts.

Industrial Transformer

A reliable Industrial Transformer is critical to operational success by ensuring appropriate, safe, and careful power usage to avoid unnecessary power issues. Peerless Electronics offers a wide variety of transformers for use across industries, including Encapsulated Power Transformers, Open Frame Power Transformers, Toroidal Transformers, and Chassis-Mounted Transformers.

We work with best-in-class suppliers, like American Zettler, Electrocube and PowerVolt, to ensure exceptional device reliability and safety.

Shop our superior range of Industrial Transformers today! Don’t see the device you need on our website? Contact us for help from one of our Industrial Transformer specialists.

Industrial Contactors

When working with large industrial devices and equipment with higher current and voltage rates, a reliable, high-quality Industrial Contactor will protect your operations by safely switching power loads on and off.

We offer a wide range of Industrial Contactors, such as DIN Rail, Auxiliary Contact, and Power Contact. Our suppliers are the top in the industry and include:

Altech, ETA, CBI Electric, Kissling, Safran Power USA, and TE Connectivity.

Shop our wide range of top-quality Industrial Contactors today. If you don’t see the specific item needed, please contact us for assistance from one of our Industrial Contactor specialists.

Industrial Disconnect Switch

Reliable Industrial Disconnect Switches are critical to safely controlling the flow of power to machinery and other industrial applications in the case of emergency shutdowns, switching to alternate power sources, or routine maintenance.

At Peerless Electronics, we carry a wide variety, including Din Rail Mount, Toggle Handle Motor Disconnect, and Stainless Steel Enclosed Motor Disconnect Switches from industry-leading suppliers like Altech, Kissling, and CBI Electric.

Keep your industrial operations safe and shop our range of high-performance Industrial Disconnect Switches today. Don’t see what you need on our website? Contact us for help from one of our Industrial Disconnect Switch experts.

Industrial UPS System (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

When critical processes are at stake, Peerless Electronics has the Industrial UPS System (Uninterruptible Power Supply) components to keep you and your industrial systems online. From DIN Rail Power Supplies, Battery Charger, Battery Care Modules, to Backup Modules, we carry high-quality, industrial-grade parts from leading manufacturers like Altech.

For continuity of industrial processes and peace of mind, shop our extensive line of Industrial UPS System parts for business as usual operations. Not finding what you need on our website?

Contact us for immediate assistance from one of our Industrial UPS System experts.

Industrial Circuit Breakers

As one of the top suppliers of circuit breakers globally, Peerless Electronics carries the performance-tested Industrial Circuit Breakers and equipment necessary to ensure the safety of your operations when an electrical fire or other catastrophic electrical emergency threatens continuity. Our extensive product line includes DIN Rail Mount, Miniature Circuit Breakers, Moulded Case Thermal Magnetic, Moulded Case Hydraulic Magnetic, Ultra Compact Breakers, and more.

Shop top-quality, reliable Industrial Circuit Breakers on our website from industry-leading suppliers like Altech, Carling Technologies, CBI Electric, ETA, Safran Power USA, Sensata, and TE Connectivity. Not finding what you need?

Contact us for assistance from one of our Industrial Circuit Breaker specialists today.

Industrial Enclosures & Cabinets

For highly durable cabinetry you can trust to protect electrical and other sensitive equipment, rely on Peerless Electronics. We feature an extensive line of dependable, high-quality Industrial Enclosures and Cabinets for a wide array of applications.

Our trusted suppliers for Industrial Enclosure and Cabinet components include these industry-leading manufacturers:

FIBOX, Hammond Manufacturing, Altech, and EXM

From UL Listed NEMA 4X, NEMA 6P, Polycarbonate Enclosures, Wall Mount Enclosures, to Modular Cabinets, Peerless Electronics has a vast selection of top-rated Industrial Enclosures and Cabinets available online 24/7.

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DIN Rail

The term “DIN Rail” derives from the original specifications published by Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) in Germany, which were subsequently adopted as European (EN) and International (IEC) standards. The original concept was developed and implemented in Germany in 1928 and evolved into the present standards in the 1950s.

The DIN Rail is the preferred mounting solution for electrical equipment of all types, including UL508A Control Panels. Although very simple in design, DIN rails hold together critical electrical components and are often essential to the successful installation, maintenance, and operation of electrical equipment.

Peerless Electronics carries DIN Rails from industry-recognized suppliers, Altech and TE Connectivity/Entrelec. We keep DIN Rails in stock and ready to ship 24/7 to complement electrical component mounting across industries.

Questions about DNI Rails? Contact us to speak to one of our DIN Rail specialists today.


What is a DIN rail power supply?

A DIN rail power supply is a switched-mode power supply that regulates electrical equipment voltage by converting it from an unstable input to a stable output. This particular power supply uses the DIN Rail as the mounting interface between the power supply other equipment, such as a control panel or cabinet, hence the use of DIN Rail in the name.

How do you wire a DIN rail power supply?

There are three ways to wire a DIN Rail Power Supply unit which are screwing in the wires, pushing in the wires, and clamping the wires.

How do you mount a DIN rail?

A DIN rail mounts to flat surfaces with screws inserted into the pre-drilled or pre-punched holes at the base of the rail.

What are DIN rail terminal blocks?

This terminal block is a simple device mounted to a DIN rail and used to connect the control wiring (PLCs, relays, contactors, etc.) to the field wiring.

What are the power supply connectors?

Power supply connectors are electromechanical components that bridge the electrical power source and electrically operated equipment or devices. They are most often connected via pins or plugs and are commonly called jacks.

What is the difference between SMPS and UPS?

The main difference is how they operate. The SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) voltage varies by constantly switching the electrical source on and off as dictated by the voltage needed at the output. UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) provides a constant voltage, even when the power source has stopped supplying power.

How many types of SMPS are there?

There are four types of SMPS: DC-DC Converter, Forward Converter, Flyback Converter, and Self-Oscillating Flyback Converter.

What is a DIN rail used for?

A DIN Rail is used to mount electrical components in an electrical cabinet, rack, or wall.

What is a DIN rail circuit breaker?

They are miniature circuit breakers designed to mount to a DIN Rail to protect low-power equipment from short circuits and current overloads.

What is a 24V DC power supply?

A 24V DC power supply can transform AC to DC while simultaneously adjusting the voltage level.

How do DIN rail terminal blocks work?

They are small “connector” pieces used to connect wires within a DIN rail-mounted system safely.

How much weight can a DIN rail hold?

DIN Rails can hold components of up to 1.1 lbs in weight.

What size is DIN rail?

The DIN EN 60715 is the standard DIN Rail, and it is 35mm (W) x 7.5mm (H).

How do I connect DIN rail terminal blocks?

DIN Rail terminal blocks are snapped onto the DIN Rail directly.

What are the types of DC power supply?

Batteries and solar devices are the primary sources of DC power.

What are the components of a power supply?

A power supply contains the following components: transformer, rectifier, filter, and regulator circuits.

What is the main function of SMPS?

The main function of SMPS (switched-mode power supply) is to obtain a controlled dc power supply by converting power with switching devices that turn on and off at high frequencies.

Why do we use SMPS?

An SMPS is used to convert the supply voltage to the desired voltage of the particular electronic device.

What's the difference between SPS and UPS?

SPS is a Standby Power Supply, and UPS is an Uninterrupted Power Supply. An SPS contains a battery like the UPS, but the battery only provides power to the device when it loses AC power - whereas the UPS provides uninterrupted power.

What is a DIN rail relay?

DIN Rail Relays are electrical switches that turn devices on or off and help keep equipment running smoothly.

What are two DC supply types?

The two major types of DC power supplies are regulated power supplies and unregulated power supplies.

What are the types of DC voltage usually produced by a power supply?

There are four primary outputs or DC Voltage types: constant voltage, constant current, voltage limit, and current limit.

What uses a 12V DC power supply?

A 12V power supply, like a 12V battery, is commonly used in RV, boat, and other automobile systems.

What are industrial relays?

Industrial Relays are electrically operated switches that use electromagnetism to allow a lower voltage circuit to operate a higher voltage circuit.

Why are relays used in industry?

In addition to reducing the current that flows through the primary control switch, Industrial relays can protect electronic equipment by detecting overcurrent, overload, undercurrent, and reverse current.

Why use a relay instead of a switch?

A Relay can switch many contacts at once, which is more convenient and safer in an emergency because it is one switch vs. many.

What is the difference between a contactor and a relay?

Contactors and Relays are both electromagnetic switches; however, a relay can carry loads of 10A or less, while a contactor can carry loads greater than 10A.

Is there any difference between AC and DC fuse?

Yes, the DC fuse is continuous, but the AC fuse goes to 0 volts with each cycle; therefore, it is harder to stop the arc that forms if the DC fuse blows.

What are industrial fuses made of?

Industrial Fuses include a low resistance metallic wire enclosed in a non-combustible material.

What are the different types of disconnect switches?

The two main types of disconnect switches include battery disconnect switches and electrical disconnect switches.

When should you use a disconnect switch?

Use a Disconnect Switch to safely terminate an electrical circuit before service or maintenance.

What are DC contactors used for?

DC Contactors reliably switch currents on low voltage DC settings and are commonly used in electric power, distribution, and electricity applications.

What is the difference between AC and DC contactor?

AC and DC contactors have several differences. An AC contactor has an E-shaped electromagnetic core of laminated silicon sheets, a short circuit ring to eliminate vibration and noise, a starting current of 600 times/hour, and a quenching grid arc. A DC contactor has a U-shaped soft steel electromagnetic core, no short circuit ring, a 1200 times/hour starting current, and a quenching magnetic arc.