Value Added Services

When it comes to value added, our experience saves time, maintains workflow, lowers your costs and allows you to allocate your workforce as you need it. Our Value Added services are certified to AS9100 and ISO9001:2015!

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s not enough to be just an authorized stocking distributor for the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers within the military, aerospace, industrial, transportation, and medical sectors. That’s why we ensure every Peerless Electronics purchase is supported by our top-notch value-added services, the finest components, and the ability to transform every order into a top-quality, customized experience. 

With over 50 services available, including custom-tailored technical support, the Peerless Value-Added (VA) Experience includes quick turnaround to save time, maintain workflow, lower costs, and allow you to allocate your workforce as you need it. At Peerless, customization, quality, and service are paramount to doing business the right way - by putting our customers first. 

From connector/cable assemblies, heat shrink tubing/splices, switch assemblies, and MIL-qualified soldering capabilities to lighted devices, potentiometer/encoders assemblies, circuit breaker/relay panels, terminal block assemblies, custom-tailored aluminum panels, and more - the Peerless VA Experience translates to high-quality customized solutions, cost savings, and enhanced efficiency for supply chains.

AS9100D & ISO9001:2015 Certified

The Peerless Electronics Value-Added Assembly System is certified to AS9100D and ISO9001:2015 - which means we can efficiently turn large inventories to your exact specifications quickly and reduce your engineering time by delivering installation-ready products. Our adherence to the strictest industry standards means quality work from our highly trained team 24-7!

Peerless Electronics Value Added Services Benefits

When it comes to value-added, our vast experience will save time, help maintain workflow, lower your costs, and allow you to focus on your business at hand. Each of these invaluable services, including assembly, is performed by our highly experienced and knowledgeable team in our Hauppauge, NY, warehouse and corporate headquarters.

The Peerless Electronics Value-Added experience provides endless benefits, including:

  • Large inventories for quick turnaround to exact specifications
  • Reduced engineering time, large and small assemblies
  • The highest quality technicians at your service
  • Custom-tailored technical support when you need it.

Value-Added Services Offered

With thousands of electronics in stock, we have what you need, including customization to your exact specifications. The Peerless team delivers the finest components supported and enhanced by over 50 value-added, customized services - all supported by personal, custom-tailored technical support. 

Get to know just a handful of the Peerless VA Experience's many add-on services.

Auto replenishment systems and J.I.T. delivery programs

Our auto replenishment systems and Just In Time (J.I.T.) delivery programs aim to optimize inventory levels, streamline operations, improve efficiency, and save money thanks to our VA team’s careful planning, strong supplier relationships, accurate demand forecasting, and efficient logistics coordination.

Bar coding

Peerless provided electronics barcoding enhances efficiency, accuracy, and visibility when managing inventory, tracking assets, and streamlining processes throughout the supply chain and product lifecycle.

Bonded inventory programs

This Peerless VA service is a cost-effective and efficient approach to inventory management where we hold and manage inventory on behalf of a customer in our warehouse, providing them with benefits such as reduced inventory costs, improved cash flow, faster time-to-market, risk mitigation, streamlined supply chain, customized solutions, scalability, and regulatory compliance.

Coatings and encapsulation

Our customized electronics coatings and encapsulation provide enhanced protection, improved performance, increased reliability, and prolonged lifespan for your electronic components or devices - while providing the protection needed to operate in challenging environments while maintaining optimal functionality and reducing the risk of failures or malfunctions.

Custom cable assembly

This Peerless VA service ensures efficient cable system integration and improved performance through tailored design, streamlined integration, space optimization, enhanced reliability, improved signal integrity, cost-effectiveness, and compliance with standards.

Custom circuit breaker panels

We customize circuit breaker panels to meet your specific requirements, which ensures optimal functionality, efficiency, and compliance for effective power distribution, protection, and safety in various electrical systems and applications. 

Custom relay and contactor panels

Our value-added custom relay and contactor panels offer tailored design, superior space optimization, enhanced performance/safety, flexibility for future expansion, simplified troubleshooting and maintenance, and more to provide optimized control, reliable operation, and efficient system integration in electrical applications.

Custom switch assembly

Each Peerless VA customized switch assembly integrates desired components to create a solution specifically tailored to meet the requirements of your electronic application to ensure optimized ergonomics, electrical compatibility, quality, reliability, and ease of integration.

Custom switch panels

Our custom switch panels provide a centralized, organized, and tailored control interface for your electronic systems or equipment that delivers efficient control, improved functionality, and enhanced user satisfaction for various electronic applications.

DIN rail assembly

Our customized DIN rail assemblies provide a standardized, modular, and space-efficient solution for mounting and organizing your electrical components, ensuring simplified installation, maintenance, and scalability of electrical systems.


Our Electronic Data Interchange system supports the automated transfer of data, such as purchase orders, invoices, shipping notices, and other documents, which streamlines processes, improves communications, enhances efficiency in supply chain integration, and more.


Our value-added engraving services help ensure product quality, authenticity, and traceability while enhancing the aesthetics and professionalism of your electronic devices and components.

Fan assemblies

The Peerless VA customized fan assemblies offer tailored solutions to address your specific cooling requirements, space constraints, noise considerations, power efficiency, control features, design aesthetics, and efficient supply chain integration for enhanced application performance and reliability.

Heat shrink tubing marking and cutting

This Peerless VA service provides protection, insulation, durability, and customized sizing - particularly in cable and wire management - to support and improve identification and labeling, cable organization, time and cost savings, compliance with standards, and traceability.

Hot stamping

This customized service for various electronic components and products is a permanent, durable, and cost-effective solution that offers brand protection, traceability, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Indicator light assembly

Our custom indicator light assembly services support custom interface design, safety, and efficient operation of your electronic systems.


Our kitting services will streamline and simplify your supply chain and assembly processes by consolidating multiple items into a single unit for convenient handling, storage, and distribution - which saves time and money while improving productivity.

Military packaging

Our military packaging adheres to strict standards and regulations to ensure the safe, secure, and efficient transportation and storage of goods and equipment used by the military industry.

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Pad printing

This versatile printing process provides durable and long-lasting print on various substrates and irregular surfaces, providing an efficient, cost-effective branding and product identification solution.

PC card ejector and connector dyeing

Aside from enhancing electronic devices' visual appeal, this Peerless VA service offers numerous other benefits, including branding opportunities, consistency, durability, compatibility with material properties, cost-effectiveness, functionality, and process integration.

Potentiometer assembly

Our potentiometer assembly service supports various electronic devices and systems (including audio equipment, instrumentation, control panels, and robotics), and it enables precise adjustment of electrical signals or parameters, allowing for user control, calibration, or feedback in various applications.


This process encapsulates or seals your electronic components or devices in a protective material to improve sensitive components' reliability, durability, and environmental protection.

Sensor calibration

This invaluable service involves adjusting and aligning the output of a sensor to match a known reference or standard, and it is essential to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and consistency of sensor measurements.

Silk screening

We can use silk screening for various applications, including marking, labeling, and branding of electronic components, circuit boards, and devices. It provides precise, durable printing that is especially well-suited for small-scale components and intricate design details.


We can tailor our VA soldering services to fit your needs and industry requirements, and our experienced soldering technicians have the knowledge and training to perform soldering tasks accurately, efficiently, and with a high level of precision. 

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Special packaging

We offer special packaging services in addition to military approved packaging. You can rest assured the integrity, safety, and presentation of your electronic components, devices, or systems, and the specific challenges related to ESD, moisture, shock, vibration, space efficiency, branding, security, and requirements are handled with the utmost care.

Terminal block assembly and modification

The Peerless VA terminal block assembly and modification services provide enhanced wiring efficiency, flexibility, safety, space optimization, customized functionality, standardization, and cost savings that support the overall quality, reliability, and performance of electrical systems.

Thermostat lead assemblies

Our customized thermostat lead assembly service contributes to the efficient and reliable operation of thermostats by offering reliable electrical connections, easy installation, customization options, enhanced safety, durability, compatibility with system components, improved aesthetics, and quality assurance.

Wire cutting and stripping

We utilize cutting-edge equipment, tools and machinery to achieve consistent and repeatable wire cutting and stripping results to meet specific length and strip requirements. This precision reduces the risk of errors or damage during manual cutting and stripping processes and benefits waste reduction.

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