Stephanie Caceres currently serves as Corporate Controller of Peerless Electronics Inc. She has been with the company for 12 years and has also served as one of the company’s trustees for the 401k Savings and Investment plan for 9 years. She has over 15 years of experience in the electronics distribution sector and has served in various roles over the course of her career. Stephanie began her career in 2005, working for Professional Equipment/Construction Book Express as a Customer Service Assistant. She was promoted to Customer Service / Sales Supervisor shortly after being hired and supervised a team of 15. When the company was purchased 3 years later, Stephanie headed a project for transition to the company’s new facility in WI and training of all departments. In 2008, Stephanie joined Deepwater Wind LLC, a renewable energy company, as Operations Manager where she was instrumental in a project to bring wind turbine technology to the state of Rhode Island. In 2012, she joined Peerless as an AP Clerk, and over the next 12 years was promoted to various positions including Project Manager (workflow efficiency project), Accounting Supervisor and Accounting Manager. In 2024 she was promoted to her current role of Corporate Controller. Stephanie has been involved in all areas and departments at Peerless during her tenure with the company, becoming a respected cross-functional team leader and process expert. She was a core member of the project team for the highly successful ERP implementation in 2017. During COVID she created a 100% paperless environment which added to the already high level of efficiency of the accounting team. Stephanie’s role is not only as Corporate Controller; she is involved in the day to day operation of multiple departments including but not limited to Human Resources, the warehouse, procurement and sales, lending her support through process implementation, work flow review and training as needed.