Some of Our Tooling

-Carpenter 48, 74C, 62 & 97 Automatic Accucrimp wire strippers carpenter 34-3 tubing cutter 

- Markem 1300 ink marking machine 

- Kwikprint 88 hot stamping machine 

- TE Connectivity K-presses with applicators for AMP, Molex and Packard connectors as well as telephone plugs 

- Soldering work stations

- Rockwell band saws 

- American Beauty Solder Pots 

- Epoxy Curing Ovens

- Cirris cable and harness testers

- Schleuniger Unistrip 2300 wire stripping machine

- AMP-TE Connectivity, Delphi-Packard, Molex hand tools


Our tooling and machinery is calibrated on a scheduled, proactive basis.