10 Reasons to Choose Laird Thermal Systems for Your Thermal Applications

Ed Combs
By Ed Combs
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1. They are a world leader in thermal management solutions. From designing, developing and manufacturing the broadest range of thermal solutions in the industry to providing solutions for demanding applications in various industries, Laird Thermal Systems does it all.

2. Laird Thermal Systems works closely with their customers across the entire product lifecycle, a major quality that makes them unique and preferable over their competition. As a global company, Laird is always close to each unique customer they serve.

3. As we all know, certifications are important in regards to thermal solutions. Laird Thermal Systems assures all products are manufactured in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified facilities.

4. Quality is a crucial detail that Laird Thermal Systems tends to well. They conduct validation test services which support compliance standards for each industry, such as UL/CSA, Telecordia as well as MIL-STDs.

5. They offer a comprehensive product portfolio designed to deliver a broad range of cooling capacity and control. Some of these products consist of thermoelectric coolers, thermoelectric cooler assemblies, temperature controllers, liquid cooling systems and custom solutions.

6. Diversified in the markets they serve and application solutions they provide. Some markets consist of Medical, Analytical, Industrial and Telecom. Some applications they provide consist of state-of-the-art x-ray cooling, detector plate temperature stabilization and clinical diagnostics utilizing reagent, centrifuge cooling, analytical sample storage cooling/heating, molecular PCR thermal cycling, photonics lasers stabilizing temperature of industrial laser systems, x-ray cooling, battery backup cooling, SFP cooling and so much more.

7. Their capabilities simplify customer product lifecycles with integrated services to keep customers ahead of the competition. From design and prototyping to software, testing, manufacturing and support, Laird Thermal Systems is confident in making sure all of your needs are met.

8. All validation & certification test services are in-house. There is immediate access to test noise measurement, cooling capacity, pressure and flow rates, electronic drive circuit testing, reliability testing, g-force testing, high temperature oven storage testing, temperature cycling as well as continuous operation testing.

9. Truly a global giant covering all parts of the world from the Czech Republic, Sweden, China, Korea, Japan and Germany all the way to the United States.

10. Laird Thermal Systems offers product training via their youtube channel and social media. Also, Laird has an extensive technical library offering application notes, catalogs, datasheets, press releases, user manuals and much more.

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