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Wire cutting and stripping is just one of over 50 value-added offerings Peerless Electronics provides, saving our customers time and money. This precise wire-cutting and stripping service saves time and can help ensure efficient, safe, high-quality electrical installations and repairs. In today’s post, we’re showcasing this invaluable service, which can be critical to cost reduction and quality control in electrical installations in various industries.

What are the Different Methods for Wire Cutting and Wire Stripping?

Three standard techniques are available when determining how to cut electrical wire. Each varies in how the insulation or jacket, i.e., the protective outer layer of insulation that surrounds the wire or cable, is handled or removed. Each method also offers different advantages depending on the intended use.


A full wire cutting and stripping service entails removing a specific length of the insulation, leaving the metal conductor exposed. This method involves cutting and physically removing the insulation and jacket to reveal the conductor in the middle. 


When wire-cutting and stripping call for a partial cut, only part of the insulation is removed to expose the metal conductor, leaving the rest intact. With a partial cut, the insulated wire is left in a single continuous piece with exposed conductors at one or more points along its length.


The blunt method simply involves wire cutting without any insulation stripping involved.

Customized Wire Cutting and Stripping Capabilities

With the Peerless Electronics value-added wire-cutting services, we utilize cutting-edge equipment, tools, and machinery to achieve specific length and strip requirements - ensuring consistent and repeatable results. This precision also reduces the risk of errors or damage that can occur during manual wire cutting and stripping processes while benefiting waste reduction. Our capabilities are especially beneficial to wire harness assembly projects, optimizing the fit and functionality of the overall assembly.

Benefits of Wire Cutting and Wire Stripping Services

This precise value-added service will save time, help maintain workflow, lower costs, and allow you to focus on your business. Cutting wires by hand and using a wire stripper, i.e., a wire stripping tool, to remove insulation can lead to conductor damage if not executed correctly. Peerless Electronics’ value-added wire cutting and stripping services ensure precision and quality. Furthermore, manual wire cutting and stripping take time, which can be saved by having the Peerless Electronics value-added team handle the work for you.

The Peerless Difference: Wire Cutting and Stripping Services

We take service seriously as a leading authorized stocking distributor for the world’s top manufacturers and suppliers within the military, aerospace, industrial, transportation, and medical sectors. That’s why we ensure every Peerless Electronics purchase is supported by our top-notch value-added services, the finest components, and the ability to transform every order into a top-quality, customized experience. 

We know that most of our customers likely know how to strip electrical wire. However, the Peerless Value Added (VA) Experience translates to high-quality customized solutions, cost savings, and enhanced efficiency for supply chains - especially for large orders and assemblies. Here’s what you can expect from our value-added team handling wire cutting and wire stripping services.

Quality Control

Our adherence to quality control and the strictest industry standards translates to consistency and quality from our highly trained team. The Peerless Electronics Value-Added Assembly System is certified to AS9100D and ISO9001:2015. Therefore, we can efficiently manage wire cutting and stripping inventories of all sizes to your exact specifications and reduce labor and engineering time by delivering installation-ready orders, whether custom-cut cable length or a wire harness assembly. 


Professionalism is a priority at Peerless Electronics. As an employee-owned company, every team member is invested in ensuring our customers are top priority and completely confident in our work and service. 

Design & Engineering Expertise

Precision is critical to our service. Our design and engineering expertise ensures quality wire stripping and wire cutting services that meet the specific needs of each application.

FAQ: Wire Stripping & Wire Cutting

What is the wire stripping process?

Wire stripping involves removing the insulation or jacket from a wire or cable (by gently cutting the insulation) to expose the wire or conductive core. 

What is the process of stripping a wire harness?

Stripping a wire harness, i.e., a collection of wires bundled together, involves removing or stripping the insulation from multiple wires within the harness to expose the enclosed metal conductors.

What is the wire processing industry?

This industry includes a broad range of activities related to the manufacturing, fabricating, and preparing wires and cables for various applications, such as wire cutting, stripping, crimping, soldering, harness assembly, and testing.

How do you strip electrical wires?

Select the wire for stripping and ensure it's clean and debris-free. Next, select the appropriate wire strip tool, a.k.a. wire stripper. If it is a self adjusting wire stripping tool, adjust it as necessary to fit the wire size. Hold the wire firmly and position the wire stripper over the end of the wire with the cutting blade facing away from you. Gently squeeze the handles of the wire stripper to cut through the insulation. Be careful not to apply too much pressure, which could damage the wire. Once the insulation is cut, gently remove it to expose the wire core. Some gentle wiggling may be necessary.