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Altran Magnetics designs and builds high-quality electronic, electrical, and mechanical components that are durable enough to withstand even the harshest conditions. Offering over 3,000 standard products for various applications, including custom-designed components to meet specific needs by in-house engineers, Altran Magnetics is committed to creating innovative solutions that meet customers' needs in numerous industries, including medical, lighting, appliance, industrial, military, automotive, and HVAC.

Featuring state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with only the best equipment, Altran Magnetics pushes the limits of building and delivering exceptional products and customer service, backed by a dedicated team of engineers and technicians who work tirelessly to create innovative products designed to perform and built to last. Their product portfolio includes a wide variety of EMI Filters, Solid State Relays, Motors and Blowers, Photo Controls, and - today’s focus - exceptionally reliable DC Contactors.

Altran Magnetics Contactor Division Altran Magnetics Contactor Division

About Altran Magnetics DC Contactors

Altran Magnetics offers a wide range of DC contactors meticulously built to withstand demanding environments and high-load carrying capacities to meet the switching needs of applications across various industries.

Altran contactors are designed with confidence and precision before undergoing strict manufacturing processes to meet the highest quality standards and certifications, including RoHS compliance, ISO9001:2015- Certification, ISO/TS16949:2015 Certification, and ISO14000- Certification. Additionally, Altran Magnetics also provides exceptional customer support, ensuring easy access to all of the information and support needed to get the job done, including detailed product data (i.e., the features, main contact, operate/release time, environmental data, expected life, coil data, precise dimensions, and extensive application notes. 

Altran offers several series of high-voltage DC contactors, including the following products.

Altran Magnetics ASEV30 Series Altran Magnetics ASEV30 Series

Epoxy Resin Contactors

Epoxy resin encased designs can help lower operating current, increase magnetic pull, reduce the effect of residual magnetism, and increase moisture resistance. Altran magnetics epoxy resin contactors include cost-effective designs to meet 12V to 1000V applications with up to 500A current. Products include series ASEV30, ASEV 50, ALEV 50, ALEV100, ASEV150, AEV150, ALEV200, ASEV250, and AEVL250.

Altran Magnetics AEV20E Series Altran Magnetics AEV20E Series

PCB Contactors

There are various contactors specifically designed for printed circuit boards (PCB) in electronic applications, hence the name PCB contactors. Altran’s PCB contactors include reliable board mount designs to meet 12V to 900V applications with up to 500A current. Products include series AEV20E, ASEV50, ASEV150, and ASEV250.

Altran Magnetics AEVT150 Series Altran Magnetics AEVT150 Series

Ceramic Sealed Contactors

Ceramic coatings provide a high-temperature sealing quality that outpaces the limitations of epoxy. The ceramic-sealed contactors by Altran Magnetics feature reliable, high-performance designs for applications up to 1800V and 1000A current. Products include series AEVT150, AEVE250, AEVE300, AEVTS300, AEVTS350, AEVT350, and AEVTS400.

Altran Magnetics AES400 Series Altran Magnetics AES400 Series

Energy Storage Contactors

And finally, the Altran Magnetics energy storage DC contactors are perfect for energy storage systems and charging, offering a variety of designs for applications from 12V up to 1500V and up to 600A current. Products include series AES400, AES500, and AES600.

Peerless Electronics - Authorized Altran Magnetics Distributor

As an authorized distributor, we offer a wide assortment of Altran Magnetics highly reliable and durable DC contactors online 24-7, including modified standard and custom products for application-specific solutions. Every component is backed by Altran engineering and manufacturing expertise and Peerless Electronics' exceptional customer support and service.