DRI Is Still the Global Leader in Manufacturing Relays & Systems for Harsh Environments. Here’s 6 Reasons Why.

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By Ed Combs
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1. Company Longevity and Continuous Modernization

DRI has been supplying relays, times delay relays & sockets for more than 50 years. A complete range of relays from 1 to 75 Amp, from 1 to 10 poles (latching & non latching).

2. Dedicated Equipment and Systems, Evolution of the Company 

  • New ERP system
  • New locations
  • New products
  • Mastering key technologies
  • Qualification test lab
  • Progress program

2. Their Cutting-Edge Factory

  • High precision assembly operations
  • Clean room facilities
  • A full range of testing capabilities
  • Experienced management team
  • A continuous development of highly skilled workforce
  • 100% inspection tests
  • 100% individual screening capability

3. Diverse Product Portfolio

DRI serves a diverse range of industries from Aeronautics, Railway and Defense to Space as well as other industries.

4. Worried about certifications? DRI has nearly all of them

  • ISO 9001
  • EN 9100
  • AQAP
  • MIL STD 790
  • CECC
  • SCC 3601 & 3602

5. Dedicated Research & Development Team

Research & Development is something vital to the continuous growth and adaptation of the needs products must meet for ever-evolving industries served. Some qualities of what r & d is like at DRI:

  • Design office specialized in Electro mechanics, Electronics and Software
  • Design, development, and prototype in 3D views
  • Strong professional experience of harsh environments
  • Highly integrated designs for significant weight and volume savings
  • Distributed and integrated architecture to optimize electrical power system performance, safety and reliability

DRI and Peerless Electronics 

Peerless has been carrying DRI products for several years now. We have a dedicated team here to make sure you get what you need fast. In-stock products ordered before 2 PM eastern standard time ship the same day. View our DRI store here where you will find product specifications, details, manufacturing links and much more key information to help you finish your project. See something that is not in stock? Request a quote by submitting a contact form.