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E-T-A brand products have been reliably protecting lives and values for over 70 years - and the Peerless Electronics team is proud to be an authorized stocking distributor of this world market leader for highly reliable overcurrent solutions. Today's post looks closer at this family-owned global supplier and the values that have defined the business and its high-quality products for decades.

Established in 1948 by Jakob Ellenberger and Harald A. Poensgen, E-T-A Engineering Technology is still family-owned and led today by the third generation of the founding families. Despite growing into an internationally-operated business with over 1200 employees within a network of representatives and subsidiaries covering more than 60 countries, E-T-A holds true to its founding principles of protecting lives and values above all else.

With a reputation built on 70 years of success, E-T-A confidently provides a complete technological range of overcurrent protection, including tailor-made solutions for each application to protect against overcurrent events. Furthermore, innovative German engineering skills, an accredited test laboratory, and various levels of mandatory approvals ensure consistent quality at the highest level.

About E-T-A Circuit Breakers

As a global leader in circuit breaker manufacturing, E-T-A circuit breakers include numerous configurations to fit any application and provide confident protection against overcurrent. This comprehensive portfolio of E-T-A circuit breakers includes intelligent, conventional, and customer-specific solutions for various applications across industries, including Automation & Process Control, Medical & Equipment Technology, Mobility & Transport, and Communications. 

Keep reading to learn more about the four types of E-T-A circuit breakers that cover most situations.

Checking Circuit Breakers with Device Checking Circuit Breakers with Device

Thermal Circuit Breakers (TO)

The tripping mechanism on this E-T-A circuit breaker includes a thermal actuator and mechanical latch and is designed to discriminate between in-rush/ temporary current surges and prolonged overloads to ensure effective overcurrent protection. Applications include motors, transformers, solenoids, and low-voltage wiring.

Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breakers (TM)

Combining a solenoid in series with a bimetal thermal actuator, these circuit breakers provide time/current characteristics with two distinct steps - a high overcurrent value causes the solenoid to trigger the release mechanism rapidly and the thermal mechanism responds to prolonged low-value overloads. These circuit breakers are well suited to telecommunications, process control, and similar applications requiring precision performance.

Magnetic Circuit Breakers (MO or HM)

This circuit breaker design of a solenoid coil with optional hydraulic delay provides tripping that is highly tolerant of changes in ambient temperature. A wide range of performance characteristics is available in single, double, and three-pole configurations. The Serie 808 is a fast-acting magnetic device sensitive to small overload currents and typically used for printed circuit boards and power semiconductor protection.

High-Performance Circuit Breakers

E-T-A high-performance circuit breakers provide high interrupting capacity and excellent environmental specifications where ultimate operation under adverse conditions is required. Available in thermal and thermal-magnetic versions, they offer current ratings up to 500 A. Special models are designed for aerospace, defense, and similar heavy-duty applications.

E-T-A's extensive global network can reliably provide top-quality solutions grounded in superior technology and rigorous safety measures. With each unit or system produced, E-T-A circuit breakers and other products are meticulously designed and engineered to protect customers and users against the hazardous effects of overcurrent and short circuits.

Peerless Electronics - Authorized E-T-A Distributor

Whether its circuit protection or power management solutions, Peerless Electronics proudly offers a wide range of E-T-A overcurrent protection and power distribution products, including single components such as E T A circuit breakers for equipment protection, electronic circuit protectors, or automotive solid state relays to complete system applications.

Each E-T-A product offered on the Peerless website holds competence, know-how, and superior reliability based on decades of experience and performance by this industry-leading circuit protection and power management solution provider so that you can shop confidently for specific solutions.