EHC Knobs: Pioneers of Precision Engineering

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Since 1945, Peerless Electronics has steadily and confidently paced industry evolution, and we will continue to do so for decades to come. What is the secret to our success? Our founding pledge was simple: to achieve total customer satisfaction with every order. This pledge continues to drive operations today as we consistently deliver a superior experience with the highest possible quality standards. 

To this end, our strategic stocking distribution partnerships are critical to achieving total customer satisfaction. Therefore, we seek out the brightest and best innovators in electronic component manufacturing, like Electric Hardware Corporation (EHC).

EHC manufactures the most extensive variety of Aerospace Plastic Knobs, Aircraft Plastic Knobs, Instrument Knobs, Military Knobs, Consumer Plastic Knobs, Control Plastic Knobs and Push-On Plastic Knobs, and Custom Plastic Knobs in the United States. 

When it comes to controlling or manipulating the settings or parameters of a device or machine, knobs offer highly precise and tactile management. These often small, rounded plastic pieces are simple yet indispensable for operating innumerable instruments, appliances, machinery, and more across countless industries. 

Today’s post spotlights the superior quality and precision of EHC knobs, including why the military and music industries favor them for exceptional quality and performance.

EHC Military Knobs: Tailored Solutions for the Military Industry

Military programs have relied on EHC knobs since the early 1950s. Today, Electronic Hardware Corporation continues to be a leading supplier to the military by offering the largest source of Military knobs in the U.S. 

At Peerless, we proudly supply a wide array of EHC military knobs approved to MS91528, including military/aerospace backlit knobs approved to MS25165, MS25166, MS21382, MS21384 - MS21387, MS25168, MS25169, and more.

Types of Military Knobs Manufactured at Electronic Hardware Corporation

EHCs acquisition of the Raytheon Knob product line and JAN Hardware Company cemented Electronic Hardware Corporation as the largest source of Military style knobs. Their vast catalog of military knobs includes the following types. 

  • Backlighted Knobs
  • SPK Pencil Knobs
  • Tactile Knobs
  • Shaft Locks and Knob Locks
  • Casted Metal Knobs
  • NAS MEtal Clamp Knobs
  • Special Cast knobs
  • Locking and Clutch Knobs
  • Special Knobs
  • MS and NAS Handles

Meeting Military Standards

A United States defense standard, a.k.a. military standard, helps achieve the standardization objectives the U.S. Department of Defense sets. Defense standards ensure proper performance, maintainability, reparability, and logistical usefulness of military equipment. Military standardization also benefits interoperability by ensuring products meet specific requirements and defense-related objectives.

EHC military knobs, including military radio knobs, military shift knobs, military control knobs, military dresser knobs, and more, meet MIL-I-45208 quality system standards and are certified to ISO 9001-2008. Also, EHC transilluminated knobs meet the requirements of MIL-P-7788, MIL-L-85762, and MIL-L-27160.

Innovation at the Forefront

EHC’s expertise, innovation, and global manufacturing capabilities in thermoset and thermoplastic molding, die casting, stamping, CNC machining, secondaries, assembly, and kitting comprehensively meet the diverse needs of their worldwide customers. 

With Electronic Hardware Corporation, Quality is Assured

EHC’s Quality Management System and implementation meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

EHC Music Equipment Knobs are Meticulously Crafted and Distributed

Electronic Hardware Corporation (EHC) is a leading manufacturer of the various types of knobs used on musical instruments and equipment. EHC's comprehensive product offerings, quality certifications, and established track record of reliability and technical expertise position them as a trusted source for music equipment knobs.

Different EHC Musical Instruments Knobs

EHC manufactures a variety of music equipment knobs, including instrument knobs (ex: guitar knobs), control knobs (ex: equalizers), push-on knobs, and various other custom knobs. 

Following are some of the more common applications of knobs in musical equipment:

  • Guitars: Volume knobs, Tone knobs, 3-way tone switches
  • Bass guitars: Volume knobs for individual pickups
  • Other stringed instruments (e.g. Telecasters)
  • Effects pedals: Volume knobs, Gain/distortion knobs
  • Amplifiers: Volume knobs, Tone knobs
  • Keyboards/synthesizers: Volume knobs, Pitch/modulation knobs, Tone/filter knobs
  • Audio equipment: Volume knobs, Gain/level knobs, Tone/EQ knobs

Highest Quality Music Equipment Knobs by Electronic Hardware Corporation

For those in the musical industry, two things set EHC apart when it comes to the manufacturing of music equipment knobs - military-grade design/engineering and ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management Systems. These factors, in addition to excellent customer service and product support, ensure the quality of their music equipment knobs, no matter the application. 

EHC and Peerless Electronics Impact the Market Together

EHC’s long history and established reputation as a leading manufacturer of knobs for industrial, aviation, military, and commercial users make them a valuable partner. They offer a diverse selection of knob styles, materials, and customization options. 

From military-grade design and manufacturing to comprehensive quality oversight, EHC offers highly reliable products backed by a distinguished reputation. In our efforts to meet the diverse needs of our electronic parts customers, we are proud to carry EHC knobs for industrial, aerospace, military, and medical electronics customers.