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More than 130 years ago, a man named Albert Butz invented the first furnace temperature regulator - an ingenious piece of technology for the time, and a predecessor of the modern day thermostat that we use daily.

Almost a century later, the company built on Albert Butz’s invention, and on quite a few other innovations, also supported the first landing on the moon. What started as a humble, thermo-electric regulator company, evolved into a multinational magnate, and a corporation that provides technology for aerospace, construction, performance materials and safety and productivity solutions, among many others.

Furnace Regulator invented by Albert Butz

Today, life without Honeywell seems almost impossible. Wherever you go, wherever you travel, you’re bound to get in contact with at least some technologies developed by this company. Their applications are numerous, and they continue to be one of the driving forces in modern day technology. 

But right now, we want to showcase one of their products that makes our skies safer. Learn more about Honeywell Aerospace Proximity Sensors.

About Honeywell Aerospace Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors can be found in cars, phones, military equipment and even on assembly lines. Most of us don’t even think about them on a regular basis. But when we’re talking about aerospace proximity sensors, you want to make sure you have the best technology possible. And most airline companies and manufacturers choose Honeywell proximity sensors. For a good reason. 

Honeywell proximity sensors are tailored for stronger performance, durability, longer productivity, but it also prioritizes safety. Each part of the sensor is built with top quality materials, making them a long lasting, reliable solution that helps in reduction of energy consumption and operational cost in general.

And in addition to the above, these aerospace sensors are priced fairly competitively, and provide the best return on investment on the market. Honeywell also provides technical support, ready to guide you through basic and complex applications of our products, or even offer custom-engineered solutions when needed. 

With the unmatched staff of industry-leading engineers, global sourcing and manufacturing, Honeywell is the choice supplier of renowned companies and professionals for a good reason.

Buy Honeywell Proximity Sensors at Peerless Electronics

Peerless Electronics is a proud distributor of Honeywell products and technologies for decades. Check out our selection of aerospace sensors.