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Safety is critical for equipment and protection systems that can overheat. Enter Mechatronics, Inc. - a leading manufacturer of AC & DC cooling fans and blowers for various industries. Designed to meet the most rigid standards of UL, CSA, TUV, and VCE, Mechatronics high-quality, superior thermal cooling solutions are RoHS certified and designed to operate safely in a variety of applications, including potentially hazardous environments.

Headquartered in Preston, WA, the Mechatronics ISO 9001:2008 certified warehouse has been supplying high-quality, reliable thermal management solutions to a wide range of applications for over 30 years. Thanks to the company’s extensive North American inventory, value-add assembly, technical sales, and design support teams, Mechatronics customers around the world achieve “cooling simplified” on time with the right solution to meet their goals and operate safely.

Mechatronics Inc manufactures AC & DC cooling fans and blowers for the electronic, food handling, medical, and HVAC industries, including:


  • Axial
  • EC / AC Low Power
  • ATEX Rated Fans
  • Motorized Impellers
  • Blowers
  • Cross Flow


  • Axial
  • Blowers
  • High Airflow Fans
  • Motorized Impellers
  • Cross Flow

About Mechatronics ATEX Fans

Mechatronics ATEX fans debuted in 2019. This Mechatronics fan group was developed with the shift from hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in mind and the need to provide safe, simple, and affordable fan solutions in a range of fan sizes and performance levels. The ATEX-certified EC fans were developed in accordance with EU Directive 2014/34/EU, which addressed component certification for potentially explosive environments. 

What is ATEX, and where are ATEX-rated fans used? ATEX directives were adopted to align the technical requirements for products intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in the European Union, and the directives define product requirements while classifying environment zones and equipment categories.

Mechatronics ATEX Fans are electronically commutated AC fans (i.e., EC Fans) made with encapsulated motors rated to IP68. All Mechatronics ATEX-rated fans are marked with ATEX symbols and markings that indicate protection level and conformity with the directive, and only fans with the ATEX symbol and rating on the label are intended for ATEX applications.

The ATEX Mechatronics fan group offers frame sizes from 60mm-172mm, with models compatible with input voltages from 100-240VAC. Mechatronics EC fans come standard with terminal-type plugs or lead wires to easily replace less efficient AC fans in existing applications.

Mechatronics high-performance energy-efficient IP68 rated ATEX certified fans provide a cost-effective solution for new refrigeration system designs in a wide range of applications, including merchandisers, coolers, chillers, ice-cream makers, bar tops, salad bars, freezers, heat pumps, chemical storage, oil & gas equipment, and air conditioners.

Peerless Electronics - Authorized Mechatronics Distributor

Peerless Electronics is an authorized worldwide distributor of Mechatronics' entire Mechatronics product offering, including Mechatronics’ high-performance ATEX fans.  Like all of the manufacturers in our inventory, Mechatronics products distributed through Peerless must adhere to our rigid Quality Systems, which monitor our suppliers and processes to ensure all quality standards are met. At Peerless Electronics, the difference is in our quality, supported by over 50 value-added services and custom-tailored technical support.