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Did you know that when you start a Ford car, you’re relying on technologies developed by multiple companies, and one of them in particular is the preferred manufacturer of Ford, and many other automotive companies. You guessed it - it’s Pollak.

Pollak is the preferred manufacturer of many automotive companies, specifically the ones producing light, medium and heavy duty vehicles, as well as agricultural and construction equipment, military, marine and other industries.  

All of the above rely on Pollak’s circuits, switches, solenoids and other beautifully designed products to run their machines and support their own manufacturing processes. 

What makes Pollak one of the most reliable solutions available? We could mention the high quality design, their commitment to reliability and excellence, but we should also point out that this is a company with 113 years of experience.

A Brief History of Pollak

With more than 1000 employees across 3 different countries and manufacturing plants, Pollak has become one of the leading companies when it comes to automotive parts. However, you might be surprised to find out that their beginnings were rooted in a much different environment, and their initial applications were a bit different from what we’re seeing today. 

The beginnings of Pollak can be traced back to World War I, when this company, with just a fraction of the workforce that it has become today, managed to support the war efforts against the occupying forces, by producing aircraft engines and parts for torpedoes and gunsights. And once again, Pollak has supported war efforts in WWII, and even in the Korean war in the 1950s.

When they weren’t busy fighting the good fight, Pollak has also started producing some of the very first automotive electronics, as well as stamped accessories such as license plates, replacement parts, but also lamps, switches and other electronic components. 

Today, Pollak is a well known name for its line of engine management products, including sensors, connectors, switches, and other various parts that can be found in many modern vehicles, as well as for its RV parts and components.

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