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Crydom is known as the global expert in solid state switching technology. As if that is not enough to choose Crydom over anyone else for your particular needs, they offer the broadest range of off-the-shelf solid state relays, contactors and related products, as well as custom-designed solid state switching solutions.

In-House Production is a Priority

At Crydom, nearly everything is accomplished in-house to guarantee complete control over SSR manufacturing, delivery, and above all quality. With product design, development, manufacturing and management personnel under one roof, they are geared for fast response to your requirements. Between the infrastructure paired with extensive knowhow, Crydom is positioned to manufacture world class SSRs.

Dedication to Pristine Quality

Crydom places dedication to producing a quality product the core of their business model. Their products are agency approved by UL, IEC, CSA, VDE and TUV; and carry the CE mark signifying conformance with European directives. As if that is not enough to win you over, their products obey the latest legal environmental directives, such as RoHS and China RoHS. These environmental attributes pose a great competitive advantage over other relay manufacturing companies.

Priceless Experience

With over 40 years of experience providing top notch switching solutions and support, it only makes sense to deem Crydom the indisputable global expert in solid state relay technology. Crydom remains the optimal choice of companies all over the world.

Research & Development Allows Crydom to Achieve Aggressive Efficiency and Progress

Ongoing R & D programs position Crydom to be the ultimate leader in the SSR manufacturing industry. Crydom is known for constantly innovating new circuit and technology-related inventions to satisfy the switching needs of the most demanding applications. Always ahead of the curve, one could be quite confident to pick Crydom for their needs in various applications such as building equipment, energy & infrastructure, food & beverage, industrial OEMS, medical and transportation.

The Peerless Inventory of Crydom Products

Peerless Electronics is an authorized distributor of Crydom products. Shop our web store today at peerlesselectronics.com, call us Toll-Free at (800)-285-2121 or submit a contact form for more information.