3 Reasons Why Dialight is the Preferred Choice for Rail Applications

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With thousands of railroad lamps being replaced each year, operational efficiency and lower lifecycle costs are a primary concern to those in charge of rail signaling. This post is going to introduce you to Dialight and also take a look at how switching to Dialight LED’s can offer significant advantages in terms of efficiency and cost-savings.

Who is Dialight?

Dialight is a pioneer in the world of industrial LED lighting. They have always set the bar high when it comes to competitors following their design and execution standards. Dialight is a global leader in sustainability, safety and operation efficiency while using long-lasting LED technology. Widely known for bringing down energy costs and reducing the environmental impact for its customers, they have become the preferred choice for rail applications.

Why Choose Dialight?

Ease of Installation

Dialight’s unique design has made installation of their LEDs simple. The ability to retrofit older incandescent lamps without having to replace existing housings or lenses makes Dialight an industry preferred choice for railroad wayside signals.

Less Power Consumption

Unlike incandescent bulbs, most of the energy used by an LED creates light. LEDs allow electricity to pass through a semiconductor material which sparks up a light-emitting diose (LED). A heat sink then absorbs and releases the small amount of heat produced. This keeps the LED cooler and allows for better long term reliability.

Hi-Flux LED Technology

Hi-Flux LEDs are designed to emit a large amount of light while reducing power consumption when compared to incandescent lighting. Dialight LEDs also feature faster on/off response times for improved safety and redundant LED circuits for improved performance.

The Peerless Inventory of Dialight Products

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