Dialight – Long History of Peerless and Dialight

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For over 70 years, Peerless Electronics has supplied professionals with top-rated electrical components used in the military, aerospace, industrial, transportation, and medical sectors. As an employee-owned company, we are unrelenting in our pursuit of excellence in all areas, which is why we pledge to only stock top-rated quality products from the world’s leading manufacturers.

One such manufacturer is our latest Peerless Preference supplier, Dialight. Peerless has been a preferred global supplier of Dialight products for over 70 years and their array of indicator options is a large part of the Peerless offering.

Dialight is the world leader in industrial lighting technology with millions of their products installed worldwide. Their story began in 1938 in Brooklyn, NY, where they produced instrument panel lights for aircraft. In 1971, just one year after the introduction of the LED, they launched their first LED product. Since then, they have revolutionized the use of LEDs and only LEDs, to provide superior lighting for traffic control, indicators, structural towers and industrial work sites around the world.

While Peerless carries and offers the wide range of Dialight “optoelectronics,” we particularly specialize in PMI – or Panel Mount Indicators. Our strength has historically focused on working with customers in the aviation market sector and with our newly launched Peerless Industrial market segment, Dialight Panel Mounts lends itself well to the typical UL508 panel type applications.

In our experience, virtually every customer building an end product requires indication of some sort and Dialight and Peerless are a powerful combination to address all of your Indicator requirements.

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We make it simple to find the exact parts you’re looking for! Shop by category, type and price within the Dialight brand. If you have more questions about Dialight in general our team of Peerless Electronics experts is standing by to help. Contact us today!