Meet Angelo Assimakopoulos: Steering OTTO Controls to New Heights in Sales and Marketing

Ed Combs
By Ed Combs
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As the world of electronics advances at breakneck speed, the brands that stand out are often the ones guided by forward-thinking leaders. These industry trailblazers not only navigate the challenging landscape, but also find ways to make their companies thrive. Today, we are proud to introduce you to one such leader, Angelo Assimakopoulos, the Director of Sales and Marketing at OTTO Controls.

Angelo's proactive approach and unique understanding of the market have enabled him to carve out a niche for OTTO Controls, emphasizing not only on the product excellence but also on the value of creating meaningful relationships with customers and partners. His philosophy is simple: understand your customer's needs, provide exceptional service, and always strive to exceed expectations.

We've had the pleasure of engaging in a Q&A with Angelo where he shares his perspectives on his role, the unique aspects of OTTO Controls’ products, and the strategies that have ensured OTTO's consistent growth and development in the fiercely competitive electronics space.

How long have you been at OTTO Controls?

I have worked here for just over five years.

What are your responsibilities as Director of Sales and Marketing?

My role includes managing our controls sales and customer service worldwide, communicating to our manufacturers’ representatives and authorized distributors our new product roadmap and positioning, and directing OTTO Controls’ strategic path to foster continued growth.

Tell us a little bit more about your mission in your roles.

Grow the bottom line while paving a path for future opportunities.

What is your favorite thing about the work that you do?

Working with great people and exciting customers. It’s always interesting to see the wide variety of applications where customers implement our controls to improve the operator interface.

What do you think is the most important quality that helps you excel at your job?

What helps me excel is helping my team elevate their successes to the next level.

What would you say is the most important quality of OTTO Controls?

The most important quality of OTTO is that we put our customers first. That includes giving our customers a high level of service, delivering highly reliable products—oftentimes much faster than our competitors.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I am an outdoorsman, so I like to hike, camp and sport shoot when time allows.

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