017-523766 - PRESSURE SWITCH

SKU# 017-523766
Vendor Item: 017-523766
Manufacturer:  Danfoss, Inc.
RoHS Compliant
017-523766 Danfoss rugged RT industrial pressure switch; G 3/8; 0.2-6 bar range. RT 200 single pressure switches are used in general industrial and marine sectors (marine approved); neutral zone pressure switches, safety pressure switches for steam boiler plants, and gold plated fail-safe controls; G 3/8; 0.2-6 bar range. Type RT pressure switches incorporate a pressure controlled, single-pole changeover switch where the contact position depends on the pressure in the connection port and the set value. The RT series consists of pressure switches, differential pressure switches and pressure switches for neutral zone regulation. These units are for general use within the industrial and marine sectors. The RT series also covers safety pressure switches for steam boiler plants.
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ManufacturerDanfoss, Inc.
Vendor Item017-523766
Vendor Short NameDANFOS
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RoHS Compliant